We helped women earn almost $4B in raises.

Created by Churnless to close the gender wage gap, GetRaised was a free tool that helped women discover if they were underpaid and do something about it. With an over 70% success rate and an average raise of more than $6,500, it was a dramatic example of how applied behavioral science can create a more equitable world.

The end of the beginning.

After exiting Churnless, we maintained GetRaised as a free service. But more than 10 years and 330K users later, we decided it was time to start anew. Stale code and changes in the underlying data meant updates were needed.

The fight ongoing.

There will be a time when sites like GetRaised are not needed. But even $4B in raises is a drop in the bucket; women in the United States are collectively underpaid by more than $2,000,000,000,000 - we write it out because we want you to see how many zeroes there really are.

And that's every single year. We need laws that enforce pay transparency. We need companies to commit to fair pay. And we need sites like GetRaised.

So we aren't done. This is just a pause - we'll be back. Until the gap is closed, we won't stop.